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Navigating Workplace Transitions

By Kevin Roth

“Effective tomorrow, we will be changing from remote to 2 days in office. No exceptions.”

Although this might seem ridiculous to a lot of you out there, this unfortunately has become shockingly common messaging from companies over the past few months.

The manner in which you enforce this change in policy will have a critical effect on your ability to retain your employees.

Although it may be easy for you to switch it up overnight and make the trip in-person, many of your employees have likely built their whole routine and setup around being remote. Give them some time to get adjusted and show that you empathize with the lifestyle shift!

Giving an entire population of employees a few days to make wholesale lifestyle changes is thoughtless, cold and borderline unethical. And right after those employees vent to their friends/colleagues, the next call will be to a recruiter.

Trust me, I’ve gotten those calls.

Be better.


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